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Enjoy the Bubbles of Life..

Everyone comes in our lives for a particular time span…after that he/she moves & new ones come…Everyone helps us in developing our personality, some affect us rationally others illogically change many aspects of your persona.. & few affect both ways.

May be they are not much involved in our lives currently, but there was a time when they were involved enough to make our days special.

People change with time but there is something that always stays in our hearts i.e. Memories associated with them. No matter one ends a special friendship or bonding, but they will always remain special in the form of memories, things shared together, & the most important thing the mark it has left on you. We don’t remain the same person altogether. That’s the best gift someone can give.

Cherishing those precious days & welcoming the fresh breeze of new people, keep our lives always bubbling with new colours. We always explore new things, new skills, developing other habits. So always stay positive & enjoy, because neither we are same nor the people around us.

So forget the people who hated you or the ones you hate as they will soon be replaced with new ones. Sometimes we are so much affected by our past ,that we almost forget to live our present.

The best part of life is-It moves on showering us with freshness just like different seasons. So DON’T feel stuck up with any ill feelings for anyone as it will soon be replaced for special feeling for someone.