Mistakes are Blessings….

The biggest mistake we always do, is not owning them. We often run away from our failures of life. Instead of looking for the reason within us, we find it easy & convenient to look for the same outside & blaming people who are associated with us.

The sooner we accept our mistakes & start working on them, the better it is for us. Otherwise the vicious circle of blaming & regretting will never end. Even the dearest ones will at most advice you & at last give you space, hoping that one day you will realize your own blunders.

They will start avoiding you as everyone is fighting their own battle called “life”…Moreover nobody likes to be criticised.

Why don’t we look for the reason inside? Because in this fast pace life, we forget to spend some time in isolation, talking to ourselves. That’s why most of the time, we postpone the issue, blaming or condemning the most logical person who fits the situation well.

Have you ever thought what happens when we are not happy with ourselves? For any reason whatsoever, what we do is thinking negative about life, worsening the situation. Instead we should stop that  & move on asap.

God made you realize your weakness or loopholes through someone or rather say created a situation so that you can realize that. That’s what maturity means learning from your own mistakes & taking corrective measures. As life is our class & experiences are like our teachers, time is the principal who only promote you to the next level when we learn the previous lessons.

What is the best way to do with the failures of life:-LEARN from them & Feel Blessed.

Stop criticizing the situation or the person associated with it. No matter how bitter the experience was. Learn & Move on. Because that’s what life is. Hoping that it will always has something beautiful in store.