Archive | December 2011

Is play & play the only way…

Is play & play the only way…

Every time when I inhaled the air..

I inhaled some bad, some good curves of layers

Always wanted to taste the sweetness of air

But only caught bitterness spare..

That bitterness I vomited every time

Angry get the air, reversed the time..

I have to struggle hard every time

To stand on my side for those many times…

First time in my journey…

Felt there is no way to get out

Struck somewhere like never before,

Is this time or is my own fight….

Escape route was the only thing

I managed to find every time,

But this time it swear to himself,

For not on to be my side…

A game of one-on-one

Road to lead…

Difficult to play

Quitting is out of the tray….

Play & play is the only the way

Is the only way to get rid of it…

For any other way

Still I have to sit and play…

Play out this dirty game

Just to end it any day….