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You are much Wiser than a wiser Man…

Lately, I have realized that we already know what we want.

Our parents, siblings or anybody does not just know what will make us happy. If we really want to live a life worthwhile, we should just listen to deep emotions in your heart & soul, which nobody can listen except us.

Don’t be carried away by peoples’ opinion so much that you ignore your own identity, because you are special in a very secret way, it is so hidden that it will take you life’s time to recognize your potential.

You have to trust its existence in you.

Your parents and other elder people can only think up to a limit. As they did not have an upbringing, circumstances or opportunities as you do…

So this is for sure you can think much beyond the experienced people around you, because you have that freshness in you, your much charged up to do new, innovative things..

So, close your eyes for a second, and think, “ Is there any talent of yours that you have never given that importance because nobody believed in you.”

If Yes! Give it a shot…like the one I did…sharing my thoughts….This will be a new start of your life..

Just like mine…

Awake! Look for it….

To all the fresh & young minds

Hello world!

Hey!!!Welcome everyone to my world!!! This is my home of experiences……An explorer of life,who lives on her own terms in her own world….I love sharing my thoughts & perception & interacting with people,so your responses are always welcome…I really hope this will be a great journey ahead….