Enjoy the Bubbles of Life..

Everyone comes in our lives for a particular time span…after that he/she moves & new ones come…Everyone helps us in developing our personality, some affect us rationally others illogically change many aspects of your persona.. & few affect both ways.

May be they are not much involved in our lives currently, but there was a time when they were involved enough to make our days special.

People change with time but there is something that always stays in our hearts i.e. Memories associated with them. No matter one ends a special friendship or bonding, but they will always remain special in the form of memories, things shared together, & the most important thing the mark it has left on you. We don’t remain the same person altogether. That’s the best gift someone can give.

Cherishing those precious days & welcoming the fresh breeze of new people, keep our lives always bubbling with new colours. We always explore new things, new skills, developing other habits. So always stay positive & enjoy, because neither we are same nor the people around us.

So forget the people who hated you or the ones you hate as they will soon be replaced with new ones. Sometimes we are so much affected by our past ,that we almost forget to live our present.

The best part of life is-It moves on showering us with freshness just like different seasons. So DON’T feel stuck up with any ill feelings for anyone as it will soon be replaced for special feeling for someone.


Mistakes are Blessings….

The biggest mistake we always do, is not owning them. We often run away from our failures of life. Instead of looking for the reason within us, we find it easy & convenient to look for the same outside & blaming people who are associated with us.

The sooner we accept our mistakes & start working on them, the better it is for us. Otherwise the vicious circle of blaming & regretting will never end. Even the dearest ones will at most advice you & at last give you space, hoping that one day you will realize your own blunders.

They will start avoiding you as everyone is fighting their own battle called “life”…Moreover nobody likes to be criticised.

Why don’t we look for the reason inside? Because in this fast pace life, we forget to spend some time in isolation, talking to ourselves. That’s why most of the time, we postpone the issue, blaming or condemning the most logical person who fits the situation well.

Have you ever thought what happens when we are not happy with ourselves? For any reason whatsoever, what we do is thinking negative about life, worsening the situation. Instead we should stop that  & move on asap.

God made you realize your weakness or loopholes through someone or rather say created a situation so that you can realize that. That’s what maturity means learning from your own mistakes & taking corrective measures. As life is our class & experiences are like our teachers, time is the principal who only promote you to the next level when we learn the previous lessons.

What is the best way to do with the failures of life:-LEARN from them & Feel Blessed.

Stop criticizing the situation or the person associated with it. No matter how bitter the experience was. Learn & Move on. Because that’s what life is. Hoping that it will always has something beautiful in store.

Nature defines life Beautifully…..


There is a lot we can learn from nature…Our life has also the layers of beauty…It has the same calmness, freshness & the simplicity which we need to protect in our lives too…Life is beautiful if we take some time out & enjoy the depth it possess…What can be best to enjoy Life other than the Nature itself…Spend some time enjoying it…&  find a totally new side of you…

Is play & play the only way…

Is play & play the only way…

Every time when I inhaled the air..

I inhaled some bad, some good curves of layers

Always wanted to taste the sweetness of air

But only caught bitterness spare..

That bitterness I vomited every time

Angry get the air, reversed the time..

I have to struggle hard every time

To stand on my side for those many times…

First time in my journey…

Felt there is no way to get out

Struck somewhere like never before,

Is this time or is my own fight….

Escape route was the only thing

I managed to find every time,

But this time it swear to himself,

For not on to be my side…

A game of one-on-one

Road to lead…

Difficult to play

Quitting is out of the tray….

Play & play is the only the way

Is the only way to get rid of it…

For any other way

Still I have to sit and play…

Play out this dirty game

Just to end it any day….

You are much Wiser than a wiser Man…

Lately, I have realized that we already know what we want.

Our parents, siblings or anybody does not just know what will make us happy. If we really want to live a life worthwhile, we should just listen to deep emotions in your heart & soul, which nobody can listen except us.

Don’t be carried away by peoples’ opinion so much that you ignore your own identity, because you are special in a very secret way, it is so hidden that it will take you life’s time to recognize your potential.

You have to trust its existence in you.

Your parents and other elder people can only think up to a limit. As they did not have an upbringing, circumstances or opportunities as you do…

So this is for sure you can think much beyond the experienced people around you, because you have that freshness in you, your much charged up to do new, innovative things..

So, close your eyes for a second, and think, “ Is there any talent of yours that you have never given that importance because nobody believed in you.”

If Yes! Give it a shot…like the one I did…sharing my thoughts….This will be a new start of your life..

Just like mine…

Awake! Look for it….

To all the fresh & young minds

Hello world!

Hey!!!Welcome everyone to my world!!! This is my home of experiences……An explorer of life,who lives on her own terms in her own world….I love sharing my thoughts & perception & interacting with people,so your responses are always welcome…I really hope this will be a great journey ahead….